Essay on Witch Trials Of Salem Village

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Witch hunts were practiced throughout history from Europe to the New World, one of the most famous occurred during 1692. The settlement of Salem Village, Massachusetts, was in hysteria. Fear of the devil and witches overran the population. This was due to the pressures that were put on this Puritan community after the war between the British and French over the colonies in 1689. Also pressures from disease, and fears of attacks from the neighboring rival town of Salem Village, as well as attacks by Native Americans who were trying to push back settlement. Due to these pressures, the fear of evil and witches became the witch trials, in an effort for the people of Salem to try and protect themselves from the danger of the outside and the devil.
The Puritans believed that the Devil was an active agent of evil in daily life and responsible for all of the obstacles that they encountered. After the journey to America, the Puritans were unprepared for hardships ahead, and they tended to blame the Devil for what they endured. If the harvest was poor or a family member grew ill, it was seen an act of the Devil. However, Puritan’s believed also that these acts were in line with God 's plan, they believed that God used the Devil to test their faith and to act out vengeance upon deserving individuals. Since the Devil was controlled by God they had to respect the Devil and to fear his powers. The Devil would pressure them into “the wrong way of life”, according to Puritan belief living…

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