Wit And Humour Of William Shakespeare 's ' Romantic Comedies '

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Abstract: Many generations of Indian student graduates/undergraduates have studied a play of Shakespeare or prescribed text book/a scene from Shakespeare/play. The poems and the verbal wit in romantic comedies make us to laugh. It is this humour which is like the sunshine. It enlivens even the most sorrowful moments of life. in this paper, I analyse his four great Romantic comedies—“A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, “As You Like It”, “The Merchant of Venice” and “Twelfth Night”. These are the four plays which are like pillars in an edifice.
Keywords: Appearance, attire, chronic, device, disguise, enliven, fun, humane, humanity, humour, immaturity, imperfections, morbid, realism, reality, romance, simile, sombre, symbolic and wit.
Despite the reshifting of values that had affected every aspect of life in the 21st century, William Shakespeare still stands as the greatest writer the English language has ever produced. For more than 350 years, his plays are watched by eager audiences all over the world on stage, in movies and on television. People read his plays again and again for the sheer pleasure. 2016 marks the 400 the death anniversary of Shakespeare. So it is time to honour the literary legend. On this occasion, I want to analyse the humour of Shakespeare in his plays in this (seminar) paper. Shakespeare is the greatest humourist in English Literature. His humour is versatile and has…

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