Winter Solstice Festival Of Heroes: A Short Story

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Hazel waited in the elongated shadows, hundreds of thousands of others pressed into the streets around her, all looking expectantly up into the sky for the signal of sundown. With the tall buildings blocking the horizon, they couldn’t be sure when the the suns finally dipped completely out of sight. From lookout point, the farthest edge of Heroes’ City, the watch saw the last rays of sunlight flicker, and then disappear. It was officially sunset; the Winter solstice Festival of Heroes had begun. He sent up a bright flare to announce the moment. It burst high above the tops of the buildings, allowing the crowds in the streets below to see its light illuminate everything in a bright flash. A cheer rose, and festivities began.
It was hard to imagine the city lit up more than
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Some bursts of water replicated fireworks, shooting skyward and bursting in a fantastic manner. Hazel could tell a good amount of matter weaving had taken place, as none of the pools seemed to have been drained in order to construct the water masterpieces. A fine spray misted the air, causing multiple rainbows to appear where the festival lights shone through them.
Markus appeared in a flourish, riding the crest of a wave clearly ignoring the boundaries of the pools. On top of the wave, Markus didn’t seem quite so diminutive. Hazel could picture him riding the crest of a tsunami, and imagined that would increase the effect. Markus bowed and stepped onto the pavement, the wave melting beneath him.
“Welcome, my friends.” He said in bold voice. Then he laughed, dropping his act of extravagance. “Sick, right?” He asked. “Too bad water is inconsistent. We can only keep up things like this for a while. By end of Festival it will all be gone; though the ice may take a while to melt, even without support. Want to take a swing through the Castle?”
“Sure.” Hazel replied. Sarah, however,

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