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Winter and Autumn sat in the room, playing a game of Go Fish while the two waited for Summer to finish her business on the outside.

"Got any two 's?" Autumn question, looking from her hand to look at Winter with a hopeful smile.

"Fuck this!" Winter cried out, throwing her cards on the table. "Ahem, going out there, hoping Summer hadn 't done too much damage"

Winter stood up to walk to the front door, looking back at Autumn with a raised eyebrow while the pegasus looked at the Earth pony cards.

"Ya coming?" She question

"What? Oh, yeah I was just checking that you wasn 't lying in our game" Autumn said, quickly walking over to the pissed of Winter.

"I told you, I don 't lie" Winter said, grabbing Autumn shirt in anger.

Winter let go pressing the button to open the door, waiting to met the mess on the other side. Once it slide open, the head of a Diamond Dog meet them at the first moment.

"Oh, hi guys. How 's it going?" The head question the lips not in time with the words plus the arm running out of his neck.

"Oh Summer" Winter said, looking at her friend.

"Oh, I was so fucking stupid taking the great Summer 's I-Pod" the head said, causing Winter to shake her head in disappointment.

"Come on Summer, this is past your standards" Winter said, making Autumn raise her eyebrow.

"Summer have standards?"

"Yeah, but let me tell you two about my fucking death, getting my head cut off and then having my insides crave out to be a good hand puppet" the head said,…

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