Winston Churchill : The Prime Minister For Britain During World War II

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Winston Churchill was the Prime Minister for Britain during World War II. He is famously known as the man who was responsible for the disbandment of the Nazis. However, before Churchill was Prime Minister of Britain, he held several government positions such as: First Lord of Admiralty, Home Security, Colonial Secretary, etc. During his time in those government positions, he gradually and persistently improved Britain. Winston Churchill was Britain’s guardian angel sent to save Britain and Europe from the Nazi’s regime.Winston Churchill should be celebrated for his tremendous leadership skills during World War II and for his valiant efforts to ameliorate the lives of the British nation. Winston Churchill wanted Britain’s social classes to be financially stable, and he wanted Britain’s workforce to be medically secure and not overworked. Winston Churchill was a major facilitator in the ‘People’s Budget’ being passed (“Sir Winston”). Churchill spoke against tariffs and supported the poor (Rosenberg 1). By being affiliated with the passing of the ‘People’s Budget’, Churchill attempted to financially support the underprivileged by taxing the wealthy rather than the penniless. Churchill played an immense role in the passing of the ‘National Insurance Act of 1911’ (“Winston Churchill”). He also was the first to set up eight hour work days that would soon be established throughout most of the world (“Winston S.”). The ‘National Insurance Act of 1911’ and the establishment of an…

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