Oprah Winfrey's Role Model

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1) Philosophy:
Winfrey’s philosophy is that not only are you responsible for your life, but doing the best at this moment puts your in the best place for the next moment. It shows that we take control of our own life. She has a high internal locus of control. She believes that it is our own responsibility for what happens to us, not other outside force such as luck and chance. In other words, she emphasizes on what we think and what we choose. Our future is created by what we dwell on at
LEADERSHIP CASE STUDY present. We have to do our best now for better future. In addition, her philosophy represents on living the life of your dreams. Although our every small steps focus on doing the best at present,
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Those who are motivated by Oprah try to change the society’s operation and behaviors to be better world.
One of the biggest influence in her life was her father. He is a barber and a businessman. He is very strict and pushed Oprah to study hard. He provided her with structure and guidance, and encouraged her to immense in books and do weekly book reports. At one point, Oprah was not even allowed to eat dinner until she learn five new vocabulary words each day. This training made Oprah an excellent student. She became involved in different clubs, joined debates, and later on received scholarship at
Tennessee University.
Another strong influence to Oprah is the actress Mary Tyler Moore. She considers her as a role model for young single women in the workforce. According to
Oprah’s words, “Mary Tyler Moore majorly influenced my life and career. I respected and admired her business acumen, her passion and compassion for all life, and most importantly, her values espoused through her story telling, I thanked her for being a light that shined so brightly. I let me see myself in her.” She was also the one who first

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