Wind Power Disadvantages

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There are seven billion people in the world using fuels. Most of the fuel used today comes from fossil fuels. The Depletion of fossil fuels would be disastrous for the world; therefore, many people believe America should switch to solar energy, wind power, or hydroelectric energy. There are disadvantages to switching entirely over to alternative energy such as harm to wildlife, both in the air and on the ground. Also, some health issues have been linked to using alternative energy. At this point, America should not make plans to switch entirely over to alternative energy.
One may believe that solar energy would be a great power source, but it is not efficient enough to change from a conventional power plant. There is a solar installation called
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Rosenbloom said, "Even the small benefits claimed by wind power promoters are far outstripped by the huge negative impacts" (Rosenbloom 1). Wind power enthusiasts support building more wind turbines in hopes to save the environment, but building more turbines would require destroying the environment to produce available land. Wind turbine farms ruin the landscape of the environment. Wind power not only mutilates the environment, but also damages the wildlife around them. For example, birds and other wildlife can be injured or killed by the spinning blades of the turbine. Furthermore, the noise produced by the turbines is so loud that it affects the wildlife on the ground too. People in Denmark complained about the noise from the turbines. Robert Bryce reports in his article that “state-owned Dong Energy had ‘given up building more wind turbines on Danish land, following protest from residents complaining about the noise the turbines make’” (qtd. in Bryce 2). The turbines have a low-frequency sound and infrasound that have some devastating effects on individuals such as vertigo, fatigue, depression, and pressure in the

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