Essay on Wind Energy : An Alternative Source Of Energy

1143 Words Dec 14th, 2015 null Page
Wind energy as an alternative source of energy should be discontinued. The staggering construction and maintenance cost, relatively low and unpredictable energy output as well as destabilizing the environment outweigh the benefits. Particularly now, since there is an alternative source of renewable energy that easily puts this outdated method of harvesting energy to shame I.e. tidal/underwater turbines. The power of the ocean has been known to us since ancient times, this is why the remains of most, advanced ancient civilization are found in the vicinity of a river, or delta. Underwater turbines harness the power of tidally driven currents, which flow back and forth like clockwork, making it possible to generate electricity on a predictable schedule. As the first rule of alternative source of energy states “do no harm”. Regarding which, underwater turbines have achieved the goal. The design of these underwater turbines has been approached in such a way that it will not affect the underwater ecosystem. These turbines consists of three sets of blades that resemble window shutters. Furthermore, these structures are designed to close when water flows in the same direction the blades are moving and open when water moves in the opposite direction. The force of the water turns the blades and makes the shaft rotate, and a generator converts this rotational energy into electricity. Also the blades are extremely slow moving and have gaps in between them large enough for most marine…

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