William Wordsworth 's The World Is Too Much With Us Essay

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From the acclaimed transcendentalist poets - such as Henry David Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson - to contemporary poets, the theme of nature in poetry frequently comes up. This theme is found repeatedly throughout English poet William Wordsworth’s sonnets. Specifically, in “The World Is Too Much with Us”, which was first published in 1807, the overall theme is “nature and how nature is perceived by the human mind” (Constantakis 299). Wordsworth’s poems generally encompass the theme of nature; however, in this sonnet and others written by Wordsworth around the same time period, there is a change in the common tone that he uses in these poems. This common tone adds smaller themes that relate to the overall theme of nature and how humans perceive it, but this change makes it far more arduous for literary analysts to understand the message Wordsworth is trying to send in “The World Is Too Much with Us”. Literary analysts tend to view the smaller themes of this poem in different ways; however, critics often agree on the connections between the smaller themes, such as alienation and mythology, and the overall theme of nature. The first and most frequent theme found in “The World Is Too Much with Us,” is the change in people’s views of nature due to changes in society. According to literary critic Sara Constantakis, Wordsworth is “[making] a complaint against the materialism of [English] culture” (301). He had this animosity towards it because it affects society’s perception of…

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