William Shakespeare 's Twelfth Night Essay

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Twelfth Night Thesis
In Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, love is found in many miraculous ways; friendship, pranks, dismissal. Although love does have many different forms, the underlying theme of love in this particular piece would be, that love can appear unexpectedly, and with no warning in advance. Love can be found in even the most grim looking situations. Unrequited love specifically. The love of Olivia to Viola, Viola and Orsino, Orsino to Olivia, and humorously enough, the love that Toby and Maria find. All these characters share a common goal: capture the love they desperately, and irrevocably want. While some may have more direct approach, others find it in the end, in an almost fairy tale ending. Love is a mysterious, lecherous being, and it strikes fast with no warning. The character’s in Twelfth Night find this out first hand.
Viola masquerades as a man with the name of Cesario in order to make something of herself. She goes to work for the Duke Orsino, who is hopelessly in love with Olivia, the scene is set in the room of Orsino, he is surrounded by his men, and pouring out his heart, letting out his emotions and stipulations on why Olivia does not return his love favors. Orsino confides in Viola, telling how it’s almost impossible for Olivia to not love him back. However in the process, he makes noticings on Viola’s physique, saying, “Dear lad, believe it./For they shall yet belie thy happy years/ That say thou art a man. Diana’s lip/ Is not more smooth and…

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