Essay William Shakespeare 's The Tempest

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We all know the story of how America came to be, but what people do not know about, is the man who was able to foresee the evolution of this continent. William Shakespeare, one of the greatest english writers in history, brilliantly expresses what was going in the Americas at the time through his last masterpiece, The Tempest, also thought to be an allegory of the colonial period and to the end of Shakespeare 's career. In a Story about politics,comedy, and and love, this ingenious author sended out three main allegories that stuck out to me. The first one is the arrival of Prospero and Miranda to the island itself, the second and third are two specific characters, Caliban, the savage islander, and last but not least, Miranda, the innocent daughter of Prospero.

The play starts us off with a very incongruous setting, it is not until Prospero gives us a background that explains his incorrigible right to seek vengeance on the men aboard the ship,and then we understand the main plot of the story, but how did prospero ended up on that island. “Dull thing, I say so. He, that Caliban/Whom now I keep in service. Thou best know’st/What torment I did find thee in. Thy groans/Of ever angry bears. It was a torment/Did make wolves howl and penetrate the breasts/To lay upon the damned, which Sycorax/Could not again undo. It was mine art,/When I arrived and heard thee, that made gape/The pine and let thee out./”. After Prospero’s brother took the dukedom from his inadvertent hands, in…

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