William Shakespeare 's The Play Essay example

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Henry IV, a play by the famous play writer Shakespeare, contains many themes. A major theme that plays a huge role throughout the play is that of honor. Each character has personal reasons for wanting to obtain honor. Shakespeare consistently shows throughout this play how selfish intentions can lead to negative results. The main characters in Shakespeare’s play all have separate ideas of what it means to be honorable, which Shakespeare demonstrates in his play by having each character have individual motives. King Henry is portrayed as a less than honorable ruler. He has overthrown Richard II and has had him executed. He struggles with the idea that the people are less than pleased with his choices and looks to his son to bring an honorable title to the throne. Prince Harry surrounds himself with low level people, and this disappoints his father. King Henry wishes his son could be more like Hotspur. He wants a brave, valiant, fighter. He finds that Hotspur would be a better fit for the throne than his own son. King Henry also struggles with the people believing he is an uncaring and deceitful king. In battle with Hotspur, he is approached by Worchester. They talk of why they are fighting. Worchester explains why he is against the king, who has been so kind to him. As stated by Worchester, “that all in England did repute him dead, and from this swarm, of fair advantages, you took occasion to be quickly wooed to gripe the general wat in to your hand, forgot your oath to…

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