William Shakespeare 's ' The Night ' Essays

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In the first scene many characters and concepts are introduced. The scene is set on a watch post overlooking the kingdom of Denmark. The king has recently been murdered and his ghost is roaming throughout the castle with unknown reason. The guards and Hamlet’s good friend Horatio are the only characters to have seen it. They are trying to decide what it’s intention of being here is and what it desires. They are unsure as how to approach the ghost and figure out what is doing in the castle. The scene begins with Barnardo and Francisco both of which are sentinels, or soldiers, responsible for looking over the castle and keeping all of its inhabitants safe. Over the last couple of nights the soldiers have had strange sightings of the king who had recently passed away. At the beginning of the night no soldiers have spotted the ghost. Soon Horatio and Marcellus come to take the place of Francisco. After greetings are exchanged Horatio’s first question to Francisco is about the ghost. He asks, “What, has this thing appeared again tonight?” (9) All of the men are very concerned with the fact that there is a ghost roaming the castle. The men are nervous not knowing the creature’s intentions. Horatio is determined to speak to the ghost and figure out exactly what is wants because he does not believe that what the men are seeing is a true figure, “That, if again the apparition come, he may approve our eyes and speak to it.” (9) The men are unsure what to do with this creature. They…

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