Shakespeare's Hamlet: Gertrude Left The Ghost For Claudius

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From this quote we come to understand that Gertrude left the Ghost for Claudius because of lust and the seduction of Claudius himself. Not only that, but Hamlet has even said previously that Claudius and Gertrude’s relationship started 1 month after the death of the Ghost and their marriage followed right after the funeral of the Ghost. How this relates to Gertrude being unable to be seen can be compared to the minor characters such as Horatio and Bernardo. Horatio for example attended the funeral of the Ghost and speaks of him in high regard, as though he is still alive. Take Hamlet as well who, out of all the characters, has the greatest respect for the Ghost and has not forgotten about his father compared to Gertrude who has already moved on. What “seems” like is that faithfulness and respect for the Ghost allows you …show more content…
Horatio understanding this begins to explain about the Ghosts possible appearance and disappearance in terms of philosophy i.e. Julius Caesar relationship and cock crowing. With religion being rejected about its notion of life after death, Horatio had no other option but to use philosophy, but even that has no specifics on life after death.What comes from this is a fear of the unknown after dying. Horatio and his group only come to understand that the Ghost is on Earth instead of Heaven, Hell or Purgatory, which gives them the fear of what happens to them when they die. Their limited information on this afterlife simply enhances this fear and brings them to any other possible answer to their fear such as philosophy. The quote from above only answers that there is a Purgatory but through the more communicative nature that the Ghost has with his son, Hamlet, we are possible to create a few possible vague indications of either a hell or heaven. Nevertheless, the Ghost says to

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