William Shakespeare 's ' The Lion King ' Essay

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A researcher found out that siblings between three and seven engage in fights 3.5 times in an hour. This essay is about Sibling Rivalry. This subject is introduced in the movie named The Lion King, the book Hamlet by Shakespeare, and in the biblical story “Cain and Abel”. In each of these stories the older brother is killed by the younger brother. The Lion King, Hamlet and the biblical story of Cain and Abel make evident, that even blood can’t be trusted, when power is involved; as it can lead to pain for the brothers themselves and those around them.
In the Lion King, Scar was jealous of Mufasa because he was king of the Pride Land.
In the movie Scar says“ Life 's not fair is it, see I shall be king, and you shall never see another day”. In this scene Scar was talking to a mouse and telling the mouse that he’s going to be king and that the mouse will never get to see that because he’s not going to be alive. Scar is furious because he wants to be king but his brother is the king. In reality he wouldn 't be king because Mufasa has a son, Simba and he’s next in line to be king. Later on, Scar killed Mufasa by putting Simba (Mufasa 's son) in a dangerous stampede . Do to that, Mufasa saves Simba, but when he try’s to get to safety, Scar threw Mufasa into the stampede and said “ Long live the king.” The desire of power drove him to murder his own brother. Scar makes Simba believe he killed his dad. He said “ Run away Simba, run. Run away and never return. By making Simba run…

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