William Shakespeare 's ' The Hot Night ' Milan ' Essay

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When they first meet, Frederic pretends to love Catherine so that she may have sex with him as the girls at the “house for officers” would, even though he does “not love Catherine Barkley nor [has] any idea of loving her” (Hemingway 26). However, he does imagine going romantically away to Milan with her, where they would “drink the capri [with] the door locked and it hot and only a sheet and the whole night and [they] would both love each other all night in the hot night in Milan” (Hemingway 32). At first, Frederic sees Catherine as merely a conquest, someone that may entertain him while he is at the mess and not in the thick of war. However, after he suffers his head wound, Frederic exhibits a completely different persona when faced with Catherine. He admits that he is completely in love with her and “everything turned over inside of [him].” (Hemingway 80). He is more in love with the realities of life after being wounded; Frederic knows that life is fleeting now. He’s faced a near-death experience which makes him value the permanent pleasures over fleeting pleasures, which is why he finds himself so deeply in love with Catherine upon seeing her again. Soon after Catherine arrives at the hospital, she finds her way into Frederic’s hospital bed; it is “their sexual union [which] makes them both more whole, relieving Catherine’s guilt for not giving herself to her dead fiancé while comforting Frederic’s night fears” (Reynolds 121). When they are together after Frederic is…

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