Essay about William Shakespeare 's Sonnet 18

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These sonnets show a variety of topics that made you think about life, love, and death. Sonnets are 14 lined poems with a number of rhyme schemes to intrigue the audience. The sonnets we have discussed are Shakespeare’s “Sonnet 18” and “Sonnet 116,” “When I Have Fears,” “God’s Grandeur,” and Frost’s “Acquainted with the Night.” The one I felt connected to the most was Keats’ “When I Have Fears” because it shows a true fear everyone must be ready for. That fear is the obvious death of us all. However, I will talk about each of these pieces of poetry starting with the works of Shakespeare. These two sonnets both talk about love in different ways. “Sonnet 18” talks about how Shakespeare loves a specific woman. Although this referred to as one of the greatest love poems in history, I could not feel what Shakespeare was feeling. I reread this sonnet a couple of times but I felt like he was just using the words, not the meaning behind them. On the other hand, I found “Sonnet 116” more moving than the other sonnet. This sonnet describes love of how it should be, everlasting. It isn’t a formal agreement of marriage or a word you say to make the other person happy; it is something you vow to do. Love is something you look forward to after a long journey and also a feeling to be a better person around that special someone. I think Shakespeare captures this feeling in his words perfectly. Even though we read about love, death also spoke wonders in the sonnets. I consider Keats one…

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