William Shakespeare 's Sonnet 116 Essay

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Directions: Respond to the following prompt in several full paragraphs complete with well-chosen examples from the literary text or texts referenced in the prompt.

Next, write an essay of several paragraphs in length in which you (1) identify key features of the Shakespearean sonnet; 2) illustrate those key features of the Shakespearean sonnet by making specific reference to the text of “Sonnet 116”; and 3) discuss how an understanding of the form contributes to a greater understanding of the “meaning” (beyond the literal plot) of the poem.

The Shakespearean sonnet, also known as the English sonnet, is made up three quatrains and a couplet following the rhyme scheme of abab cdcd efef gg. Shakespearean sonnets are composed of fourteen lines, and often written in iambic pentameter. The four-part structure of a Shakespearean sonnet is key because it exemplifies flexibility about where thematic breaks can take place. This simple form allows the poet to be flexible in their writings. While examining William Shakespeare’s “Sonnet 116,” it is evident that this piece closely resembles the qualities portrayed by most English sonnets. The poem is composed of fourteen lines, three quatrains, and a couplet. The rhyme scheme also follows the abab cdcd efef gg rhyme scheme. In line one, the words “minds” and “finds” serve as the “a” rhyme. The words “love” and “remove” serve as the “b” rhyme. The last two lines, the couplet, are written in a gg rhyme scheme through the use of the…

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