William Shakespeare 's Romeo And Juliet Essay

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Is it fate that kills lovers? Or was it Friar Lawrence who essentially tried ending the feud between the families? Or does the blame land on William Shakespeare himself for writing the tragic story? It is inevitable that the death of these star crossed lovers in Shakespeare’s well known “Romeo and Juliet” written in 1595 is due to Romeo himself, for he was overdramatic, highly impulsive and lacked in foresight.
Throughout the course of the play, it is seen that Romeo is quite the melodramatic character who essentially lets his emotions take over him. When ill misfortune strikes he becomes unnerved. The Friar also seems to think that Romeo is quite a different person to what he believes he is when he says, “’Thy noble shape is but a form of wax, Digressing from the valor of a man’” (3.3.112) Friar Lawrence’s words propose how Romeo covers up his weaknesses and insecurities within him. It is obvious that Romeo is highly unstable and due to this, Juliet also suffers. In act 3 scene 3, after learning that he has to leave Verona, Romeo breaks down devastated into a fit of tears. The nurse, after witnessing this demands him to be a man for Juliet’s sake. However, Romeo fails to acknowledge what the nurse is trying to do being the dense, braindead person he is, and rather attempts to plunge a dagger into himself. If this isn’t enough proof to prove that Romeo was insecure, unreliable and unstable then I don’t know what is! One would believe that after observing such behaviour, you…

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