William Shakespeare 's Romeo And Juliet Essay examples

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“What’s in a name?” (Shakespeare 2.2.42) Juliet asks in her famous line, a declaration of her devotion to Romeo which paradoxically emphasizes the importance of names in the Romeo and Juliet in general. Written four centuries later, Water By The Spoonful echoes this sentiment by allowing characters to name themselves online and, therefore, control and dictate their identities. Both Shakespeare and Hudes select names pregnant with meaning as a tool for characterization; however, while Shakespeare picks names the illuminate aspects of his characters’ personalities, the names Hudes’ uses reveal characters greatest inner struggles. The names Shakespeare gives his characters in Romeo and Juliet help his audience to understand not only the character’s personality but the role that the character plays within the story. For example, Mercutio’s name sounds explicitly like the adjective mercurial, which in Shakespeare’s time meant “A person born under the influence of the planet Mercury, or having the qualities supposed to result from such a birth; a lively, quick-witted, or volatile person” (citation). The similarity between Mercutio and mercurial sets up Mercutio’s characterization from the start of the play and gives the audience a building block from which to understand Mercutio’s character. Mercutio lives up to this similarity. He is undeniably quick witted, often quipping with the other men of Verona. When Tybalt argues with Romeo during Act 3, Scene 1, Mercutio interjects by…

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