Essay on William Shakespeare 's Play Closer

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For many years, people have tried to uncover the meaning of love. We have had great poets

like Wordsworth, Keats, Shelley, etc. who have tried to convey their understanding of love.

Famous play writer Shakespeare has given us the ideal lovers to look up to. What we realize

from this is that ‘love’ is not defined. It has a different form according to every other person. A

similar attempt to define love can be seen in Patrick Marber’s play Closer. The play revolves

around four strangers, Dan (a writer), Alice (a stripper), Anna (a photographer), Larry (a

dermatologist). It is shown how these four strangers wind up with each other and along the way

how they try to find the true meaning of love. Marber wisely crafted each of his characters, he

has created a different personality for each of his characters. His play explores the brutal truth

about loneliness, betrayal, deception, etc. I thought that each character had a different sense

about the meaning of love. All these years, I always thought that love was about affection and

being true to yourself and to others. But the play has changed my view on that. Love is

something that is not just about some ‘fantasy world’ but, it has a deeper meaning to it. Each

character has shown us the different ways one can interpret love.

The most relatable character was Larry. He was an honest doctor and loved Anna immensely. I

could relate to him because his perception of love was similar to mine. He believed in being

honest in…

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