William Shakespeare 's ' Othello ' And ' Macbeth ' Essay example

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He then began to look at the play Venice Preserved. He provides a brief summary of the play and then goes on to say “Clearly the plot is constructed to exploit conflicting loyalties, rival claims”. At first the play seems like a model of ambivalence even containing on each side symmetrical betrayals. Rabkin proceeds to present many similarities in this work to Hamlet, Othello, and Macbeth yet these allusions appear to be misleading. Venice Preserved is more significantly modelled on Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. He then goes over the many parallels between the characters in this play and those from Julius Caesar. Shakespeare however had a much more complex understanding of the world as evident from these. The conspirators in Otway’s play for example do not have an ideological justification. He talks about the motives for the characters in Julius Caesar and their complexity whereas in Otway’s work much of this is removed to provide a more clear choice, to make us sympathize or disapprove.
He then briefly looked at Nahum Tate’s The History of King Lear. In this Tate intends to clear up the ambiguities of Shakespeare’s King Lear. Tate reduces the complications and simplifies the story in effect making it a comedy. A similar treatment was given to Richard III by Colley Cibber and Macbeth by William Davenant. In this section Rabkin looks at Shakespeare’s development of the tragedy. He goes on to show that Cibber’s rewrite of the play helps to make it more comprehensible. Cibber…

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