William Shakespeare 's Merchant Of Venice Essay

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Trying to find out in the beginning of a story who the true villain is may come as a thrill but a challenge. The suspicions on who the villain is may hop from one character to the next as more of the story unfolds. The term villain is commonly viewed as a cruel character in a story that is out to seek harm to others and destroy the happiness and peacefulness in all the characters of the story. The true definition of a villain according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary is “a character in a story, movie, etc., who does bad things.” In the play, Merchant of Venice, several characters do a few things that are bad, but none can compare to wanting to take a mans life as Shylock tried to do. What kind of man does it show who Shylock is, for wanting to take a mans life because he is late paying a debt? Shylock let his thirst for revenge of Antonio grow to strong and let the true villain come out of him when he sets the bond for a pound of flesh if Antonio is late paying back the 3,000 ducats Bassanio borrowed in Antonio’s name. Even though Shylock was generous to lend 3,000 ducats to Bassanio, Shylock is the villain in this play because he set a bond to Antonio for a pound of flesh if he is late in paying back the ducats, and when Antonio is actually late, Shylock takes him to court so he may go through with killing him.
Shylock grew up to be a very wealthy Jewish man whom people looked down on. The fact that being so wealthy put him in a high position in society was disregarded to…

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