William Shakespeare 's King Lear Essay

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King Lear Paper

Often in literature the author will use satire to convey his meaning. This much might be true in the book entitled King Lear which was written by William Shakespeare. Nobody knows for sure if Shakespeare used satire in his play but the only person who does know that is Shakespeare himself. Some people say that he did use satire while others say that he didn’t use satire. Which side is accurate in their observations about the play? I hope to expose the truth about a question that has yet to be answered.

Some people see King Lear as being a satire by the way that King Lear is somewhat similar to King James. For example, in the play King Lear, Shakespeare portrays King Lear as not being very wise. For example, Lear gives his two daughters who are Goneril and Regan and he gives them both his land as well as his power. Lear is also to naive to see what his two daughters are doing to him which is trying to control him and to take over every bit of land that they can get. In comparison to King James, both him and King Lear are not very wise: they both have three daughters, and they “cut” people when the people disrespect them in such a way as talking back to them or telling them the truth when they don’t want to hear it. Lear cuts off his daughter Cordelia when she tells him the truth about how much she loves him. According to James Vi And, it states that “As for the father of a family, they had of old under the law of nature patiam potestatem,…

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