William Shakespeare 's King Lear Essays

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"Oh Daddy Dearest, how I love Thee"
Shakespeare 's King Lear is a story of a king who sets out to divide his kingdom among his three daughters, with only Goneril and Regan reaping in his fortune. The family unit becomes torn as conflicts between personalities emerge between King Lear and his three daughters, thus creating a tragic end for many. King Lear 's two eldest daughters, Goneril, and Regan defy the roles and rights of women of the eight-century, displaying behavioral traits that are less desirable. Whereas King Lear 's youngest beloved daughter, Cordelia, embodied the warmth and true spirit of women that one would up most expect during this time period, one who showed loyalty, respect, and honesty, but remained strong and noble (Phillis). William Shakespeare skillfully presents strong female dominant roles in his play King Lear, a play that focuses on the roles and positions of women in society. Women of that time period were merely passive, weak and submissive. Men perceived women as shallow, incapable and lacked the wisdom of running a kingdom (Phillis), but through this Shakespearean play King Lear, Shakespeare masterly "illustrates women as wise, cunning, and capable of handling power" ("Role of Women"). All three of King Lear 's daughters show assertiveness of power and strength, however, Goneril and Regan personally have a “hidden agenda” to carry out goals set forth. Each daughter conveys unique and diverse character traits that seemingly hinge upon their…

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