William Shakespeare 's Julius Caesar Essay

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In the play Julius Caesar written by William Shakespeare, the character Brutus is portrayed to be a very honorable man. Honorability is best described as the act of respecting not only yourself, but everyone else around you. However, Brutus is often a very unhonorable man, as the actions in which he makes do not usually portray the man he is said to be. He does not always live up to be the most honorable Roman to ever live, as his unhonorable side is shown through the death of Julius Caesar. Brutus shows a different side of himself throughout the course of the play, all in which make it justifiable to label Brutus as an unhonorable man.

After Brutus had finished his plan to execute Caesar, he began to see the ghost of Caesar almost everywhere he went. Brutus and the people of Rome may have deemed the killing of Caesar to be the right thing to do, however if it truly was honorable, then the ghost of Caesar would not be making him feel guilty for his actions. Brutus states how “the ghost of Caesar hath appeared to [him] two several times by night; at Sardis once, and, this last night, here in Philippi fields: I know my hour is come” (Act V, Scene V, 16-19). Brutus has begin to realize that the foul crime in which he committed will always haunt him and cannot be condoned as an honorable act. Brutus could no longer endure the constant guilt and shame in which he felt everyday, as he results to killing himself soon after. Moments before Brutus kills himself he proclaims that…

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