Essay on William Shakespeare 's Julius Caesar

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Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar revolves around one of the central characters Marcus Brutus, a tragic hero who is torn between his loyalty to his friend and duty to his nation. Brutus is honoured as a selfless conspirator, who acts in the pursuit of his public, political responsibilities, his judgment guided by his own personal values and morals. Brutus’s sense of honour and nobility are constantly exploited and taken advantage of by the men he is surrounded by who are filled with abhorrence and jealousy.
Brutus upholds a reputation of honour and nobleness. Brutus is a beloved friend of Julius Caesar. Brutus similarly shares a great love for the people of Rome, and strives to meet the needs of the society. Brutus displays his nobility and honour for his country, when he decides that Caesar cannot be made ruler, insisting that Rome should remain a republic and not be ruled by a dictator. Brutus’s initially opposition to Caesar’s rule is seen in response to flourish and shouting from the Commoners as conveyed in the phrase “What means this shouting? I do fear the people Choose Caesar for their king”. Through this phrase it can be perceived that Brutus fears that Caesar is gaining too much public support, and suspects that this could be paving the way for a dictatorship. Brutus’s internal conflict can be gleaned from the lines, “I would not, Cassius. Yet I love him well.” The phrase “love him” alludes to his friendship and love for Caesar, yet he does not want him to become king.…

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