William Shakespeare 's ' Hamlet ' Essay

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To Be or Not to Be: Sanity
In Shakespeare’s play, “Hamlet,” due to his own tactics, questions arise of the Prince’s sanity. At the beginning of the play, before Hamlet discovers that his father’s death was that of murder rather than being death by a snake, Hamlet simply mourns the death of his father and the “hasty marriage” of his mother and Claudius. At this point Hamlet shows signs of only sorrow and despair in his soliloquies, and none of insanity. After some time passes the ghost of his father, the old King, visits Hamlet. The old Kings Ghost tells Hamlet that none other than Hamlet’s Uncle Claudius is the one responsible for his murder. The ghost tells Hamlet that he must “revenge his foul and most unnatural murder” (Shakespeare I.v.31). Therefor, Hamlet devises a plan to prove and avenge his father 's murder, and because of this many of the characters question the Prince’s sanity. Though, it is clear to readers, through his declarations of sanity, through his actions, and through his behavior, that Hamlet is sane from he moment the play begins to the moment he dies.
Although the Ghost of the old King makes its presence known first to a few of Hamlets associates, Marcellus, Horatio, and Francisco, he would only speak to Hamlet. Because of the subject the ghost reveals to Hamlet, Hamlet believes he must keep the information to himself. Hamlet concludes that in order for him to keep his oath to his father, he must feign madness. After Hamlet leaves the ghost and joins…

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