Essay on William Shakespeare 's Hamlet - Hamlet

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Hamlet in placed in a tough and intriguing situation from the onset of the play. The audience learns with Hamlet as the story progresses and Act IV, scene 4 is essential to the development of both Hamlet the character and Hamlet the play. Near the beginning of the scene, Hamlet and a Captain discuss what the troops Hamlet sees are there for and the Captain gives an important response detailing the insignificance of the land the troops will be fighting for, adding that himself would not pay five ducats for the land. In addition, the soliloquy that Hamlet gives at the end of the scene holds high significance in the events that take place in the later scenes because Hamlet tells the readers he is out for revenge and he is called for action. Furthermore, he identifies Fortinbras’ strong example, is perplexed over the Poles ' and Norwegians ' eagerness to strike for little to gain in comparison to his own situation, gives us the wanted conclusion to finally avenge his father. Overall, the scene is important to the total work of Hamlet and adds to the development and understanding of the play.
First, Act IV, scene 4 adds to the understanding of Hamlet’s dilemma in the play because it gives the readers another opportunity to learn about Hamlet the individual. The scene is short in length but strong in power as we learn about a pointless battle in the beginning and it transitions to a dense speech by Hamlet. The scene begins with Fortinbras giving orders to the Captain and then…

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