Essay about William Shakespeare 's ' Everyman '

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In the first ever morality play of the fifteenth century, Everyman, does that of every man who represents all of humanity, such as death, good deeds, etc. Everyman, who actually presents himself as all human kind, tells the story of a dying person who is seeking God. As one forwards into the play, it is visible that God seeks out the messenger to find Everyman to inform him that God casts judgment on his life. Throughout his journey, he comes in contact with companions such as Cousins and Kindred, along with good deeds, whom all he thought would guide and help him along the way. As he, Everyman, approaches each of these kind people to receive the guidance that he needs, each of them left him to lead his journey alone to only find that the Good Deeds was the only one left to come with him before God so he can enter the pearly gates of Heaven. Throughout his journey, he finds himself in whimsical mazes of emotions knowing that the ones he counted on could not be counted on.
This play depicts the modern day church goer and their ways of prayers to get into Heaven. “Everyman is considered the greatest example of the medieval morality play” ( LaBlanc p3). Not only does the play “Everyman” convey a complex church image, it also “rehearses Church teaching on the doctrine of penance and provides a vehicle for a reaffirmation of the importance of the clergy as mediator between God and the Laity” (Cawley p1). In this paper, one will put in…

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