Essay on William Shakespeare 's A Midsummer Night 's Dream

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A Midsummer Night’s Dream is in essence a comedy, drawing together many themes with satirical and romantic humor that still attract large audiences today; it therefore can be considered comic not only due to the literary devices Shakespeare uses but because it has filled audiences with mirth for over four hundred years.

In the extract Shakespeare carefully hints towards the social constraints which imprison the two 'lovers ' through the juxtaposition of class. The comic effect this produces is pronounced due to both characters not viewing this as a barrier, regardless of the late Tudor dynasty who viewed it with lofty contempt. Furthermore this would 've been highly satirical for the audience for example, 'I am a spirit of no common rate, ' indicates that Titania is aware that Bottom is a mere weaver and yet she states a line later, 'And I do love thee, ' highlighting that it is a matter of little concern for her whilst to an audience of the time this would 've been outrageous and highly amusing. It is possible however, that Shakespeare is knitting his own opinions into the extract and thus using comedy to impart a more serious social message - that relationships shouldn 't be locked into such a brittle caste system. Titania 's irrepressible repetition of, 'gentleman ' whilst referring to Bottom emphasises the juxtaposition of class between the two characters by virtue of a simple fact, being a gentleman refers to one’s high rank and…

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