William Shakespeare, England 's Greatest And Most Influential Poet

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William Shakespeare, England’s greatest and most influential poet, was born in 1564 AD in Stratford-upon-Avon, United Kingdom and died in 1616. Shakespeare is widely considered to be one of, if not the, greatest writers of all time due to his notably unique and intricate style of writing. No other writer’s works have been produced so many times or read as widely in so many countries throughout history. Although Shakespeare technically only possessed the education of an eighth grader, he had the lexicon far surpassing even modern day individuals with a PhD. His exceptional ability to select specific words from his massive vocabulary allowed him to apply said words situationally in order to best represent a mood or feeling within his writing. For instance, throughout his compositions, he utilized 7,000 words only once. Shakespeare’s works were used as a form of entertainment for a variety of people of differing social status. His plays appealed to the peasants, middle class, nobility and even the monarchs, significantly Queen Elizabeth and King James I. In spite of his astonishing works, Shakespeare was not acknowledged for his intelligence and effort as he is in modern day. Although most of Shakespeare’s works survived throughout history, there is still much about Shakespeare that remains unknown. One of the many reoccurring themes of Macbeth is the question as to whether the characters have control over their own actions. While their actions are often predicted beforehand,…

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