Essay about William Penn As A Holy Experiment

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B) William Penn regarded his colony as a "Holy Experiment" because he was founding a place where people of all religions would be able to live, specifically Quakers (his other experimental ideas included generating profit for himself and enacting liberal ideas in government). Being a Quaker himself, Penn wrote a constitution called the Charter of Liberties in 1701, which guaranteed freedom of worship for all people and made immigration unrestricted. This was his way of testing ideas he had created based upon his belies.

G) He was a Dominican friar sent to the West Indies shortly after the Spanish began colonizing the area, and witnessed the ill treatment of the native population at the hands of the Spanish administration. he was one of the first people to argue the concept of universal Human Rights. In 1514 las casas freed his own Indian slaves and began to preach against the injustices of Spanish rule. He insisted that Indians were rational beings, not barbarians, and that Spain had grounds on which to deprive them of their land of liberty.
F) In many ways, the lives of indentured servants and slaves were very similar to one another. The indentured servants, of course, had more hope for the future, but slaves could in some cases actually have better conditions in the present.
Indentured servants and slaves were treated in broadly similar ways. They were both brought to the New World in horrible conditions with many dying along the way. They were both subject to physical…

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