William Lloyd Garrison And The Abolition Movement

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William Lloyd Garrison was determined to make a change in the abolition movement. His strong opinions and drive for the cause remarkably altered the future for enslaved African Americans. Due to his role in the foundation of the American Anti-Slavery Society, and his significant contributions to The Liberator, William Lloyd Garrison had a tremendous impact on the abolition movement.
William Lloyd Garrison’s early life influenced his work as he became an activist in the abolition movement. His economically poor family life helped shape his future by opening his mind to different jobs and apprenticeships. According to Willford, “In 1818, Uncle Bartlett saw a help-wanted sign at the Newburyport Herald, the twelve-year-old boy found himself conscripted
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The Liberator, written by Garrison, helped found the New England Anti-Slavery society. After this, in 1833, the American Anti-Slavery Society was founded by William Lloyd Garrison. He brought together state and local groups to form the society (Pierson par. 2). Pierson stated, “Increasingly frustrated with the slow pace of abolition, Garrison would forever radicalize the movement in the 1830s by forming the American Anti-Slavery Society” (par. 4). Garrison was seeking quick changes in abolition. When he saw it moving along slowly, he decided to take action and speed up the …show more content…
In “The Declaration of Sentiments” Garrison wrote about the unjustness of slavery. He felt everyone had inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, as written in The Declaration of Independence. Dal Logo stated, “More important still was how, in the ‘Declaration of Sentiments’ Garrison related the struggle for slave emancipation to much more general, universal, principles, ideally joining American abolitionism and even more significantly, the struggle for black and white equality in terms of citizenship with all the progressive qualities of humankind” (301). Garrison compared the topic of slave emancipation to other topics to make it understandable for

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