William Gawain And The Green Knight Essay examples

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hivalry is “the methods of training and standards of behavior for knights in the Middle Ages. The code of chivalry emphasized bravery, military skill, generosity in victory, piety, and more depth. Many authors of the time wrote books with lessons and or symbols that can bring a whole new meaning or perspective to the plot there trying to put across. This allows the courtesy to women” (Google). Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is a story about chivalrous values and trickery. This story involves the Green knight’s arrival at King Arthur’s feast one evening. The green knight challenges the king to his game and just as King Arthur accepts Sir Gawain insists on accepting the challenge instead. The Green knight is beheaded, but picks his head up and tells Sir Gawain that he must meet him in one year so that he can return the challenge. Sir Gawain sets off on his journey one year later and arrives at a castle along his way. He is graciously let inside where he stays a few days. The lord of the castle creates a game of his own involving the Lord hunting and Sir Gawain remaining at the castle and the two exchanging their winnings at the end of each night. The lord of the castle, also known as the Green Knight, is testing the chivalrous values of Sir Gawain throughout the story through use of games.

The narrative poem, “Sir Gawain and The Green Knight” has many symbols hidden in the book that really bring the book into life and give the book much readers of the book to be more…

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