William Darwin 's ' Darwin ' Essay

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After listening to Gumball gloat about his day, Darwin was relieved when they finally made it home. He opened the door, put his backpack down and took in a deep breath and sighed. “It feels so good to be home.” His happiness soon vanished when he saw his mother come out of the kitchen and into the living room.

“Darwin, I got an interesting phone call today,” Nicole fumed, putting an emphasis on the word interesting. Darwin quickly turned to where he thought Gumball was, but he was nowhere to be found. Darwin turned back to his angry mother. “Well?” Nicole said impatiently.

Darwin sighed. “I’m sorry Mrs. Mom,”

“Is that it? You’re sorry?!” Nicole said, the volume of her voice was rising.

Darwin froze. He didn’t know what else to say. He wasn’t even the one who cheated. Despite him knowing he had to face his mom, he was unprepared. “Um, I’m really sorry?” Darwin muttered.

Nicole shook her head. “I’m so disappointed in you. You’re grounded for a month.” Darwin sighed and looked down. He slowly nodded his head and walked up the stairs. He walked into his room and leaps onto Gumball’s bed. The events of today fresh in his memory. Playing over and over again like some sick movie. Him giving up his assignment, taking the blame for the cheating incident and the fact that his grade most likely dropped because of those events. For some weird reason, the thing that bothered him the most about his day was the fact that he embarrassed himself because of the conversation he had…

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