William Coleridge And William Wordsworth Dually Essay examples

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The 18th century period produced a new wave of writers that revelled in and celebrated self-expression and individualism. It was significant as it moved away from the ‘ordered rationality of the Enlightenment as mechanical, impersonal and artificial, and turned to the emotional directness of personal experience and the boundlessness of individual imagination’ . The romantic poets placed great emphasis on the warm emotions that should inspire writers, as opposed to cold logic that their predecessors possessed. Romantic writers of this period appeared to emphasise the practise of emotion over reason; and reject the restrained order that was valued pre-18th century, and took to writing in favour of ‘emotional intensity, nostalgia, melancholy, sentimentality and intoxicating dreams’. John Keats was a second generation romantic poet, and through his works the influences of the first- generation poets Wordsworth and Coleridge, are eminent. Samuel Coleridge and William Wordsworth dually believed in the notions of transcendentalism. The latter romantic poet conveyed introspective themes in his works, the importance of nature in society; and the notions of nostalgic longing for peace and tranquillity outside of the city. Unlike the other romantic poets however, Keats didn’t portray an…

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