William Chaucer 's The Canterbury Tales Essay

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The idea of marriage has changed over time, at one time it meant the man having

whichever girl he so choose and the girl had no choice, at one time it meant money and ranking,

now it means if “love” one another. During the medieval times the women had no say the man

would pick her and she would marry him most of the time without really knowing him. Chaucer

the author of Canterbury Tales explains this process in the tales of his book. In today’s world

choice of marriage is a common thing but in the medieval times it was quite a different

experience as theses three stories will tell you.

The very first story Chaucer writes he tells of two knights, Arcite and Palamon, cousins

who are band to prison for the rest of their life. They had lost their homeland in battle and were

found almost dead Theseus, the duke, not wanting to kill them sent the to prison. While in

prison, they fell in love with a maiden named Emily who sang in the garden below them; they

fought over who saw her first and who would marry her. One day a friend of Arcite’s who also a

friend of the duke helped free Arcite, he was to return home and never to return. Arcite miserable

with love did not eat or sleep soon no one recognized him because he was so skinny. Arcite

decided since no one would recognize him that he would sneak back and see if he could find a

job under the duke to see his love, Emily. He was given a job and in doing so well that he

continued moving up the job scale.…

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