William Blake 's Influence On His Life Essay

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William Blake was born to a middle class family in London, England on the 28th of November in 1757. He had six siblings, and out of the seven of them, he was the third born (Black). Two of siblings died at birth (black). Blake did not have any formal schooling, but instead he was briefly taught at home by his mother (Black). The Blake’s were known to be “Dissenters”, and were said to have gone to a Moravian Church, which was one of the oldest protestant denominations in the world, dating back to the fifteenth century (Black). Through his church, the bible became the earliest and most profound influence on his works. His spirituality was the center of his artistic devolvement (Freeman). It was a lifetime source of inspiration that shaped his life and works with intense spirituality (white). His spiritual connection was strong, that he was known to have had visions at a young age (White). His earliest vision was at the age of four, he was said to have seen God’s head in a window (white). His next visions were of the prophet Ezekiel and a tree filled with angels (White). All of his visions had a huge experience on many of his art works and writings. Blake begin engraving copies of drawings at a young age (Black). Engraving was a preferred practice over drawing during this time of his life (Black). With his engravings, his exposure to classical forms came from Raphael, Michelangelo, Marten Heemskerk, and Albrecht Durer (Black).By the age of ten, he was enrolled into Henry…

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