William Blake: Songs Of Innocence And Songs Of Experience

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William Blake/"Songs of Innocence"& “Songs of Experience”
It is said that as a young child, Blake, had visions and saw God and a tree full of angels. His parents had noticed that he was different from his peers. This allowed him to create ideas for his poems. He was heavily influenced by the Bible as he was growing up so many of his writings were influenced by it. William Blake, a poet, writer, and an illustrator of his own books, known for his poems, "Songs of Innocence," and “Songs of Experience,” are some of his best known works that got this British author some recognition (Britannica 2).
William Blake was born on November 28, 1757, in London. His parents were James and Catherine Blake. His father worked as a hosier and his mother was a housewife. As a child, Blake and his family of eight lived in the country part of London. Blake was the third child out of seven. Two of his sibling passed away in infancy. His parents didn't force their child to go to a conventional school because of how much different he was from other kids his age. Instead, he learned to read and write at home from his
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Most of Blake's writings are about sadness, but this poem is about children and happiness. This poem at one point was considered a fairy tale for children and adolescents could be found lost in his writings. Another one of Blake's poems, that follows the poem, “Songs of Innocence,” is the poem,“Songs of Experience”. “Songs of Experience,” is breaking down the true evil and/or horror of the first poem. This poem is also wanting to portray the two parts of the human soul and on how the childhood world is different from those that are in adulthood. These two poems are in a pair in such a way that it has steps on how the innocence of a child begins to fade as they experience more new things out in the real world, rather than just in their homes (Gale Power

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