The Songs Of Innocent William Blake Analysis

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William Blake was a 19th century artist and writer who is regarded as a figure of the romantic age. He was born in London in 1757. He attended school for a brief time period and was mainly educated at home by his mother. The bible had a major influence on his life and his works. He would draw inspiration from the bible for his writing and art. Blake was known to have visions of God. He said that when he was only four he saw God’s head through a window. Then when he was only ten he had a vision of the prophet Ezekiel under a tree filled with angles. These visions had a lasting affect on his poetry that he would produce. When Blake was ten he was enrolled into an art school where his talent didn’t go unnoticed. When he was fourteen he began to apprentice fro an engraver. In 1782 Blake was married to Catherine Sophia Boucher. She was illiterate so Blake taught her how to read, write, draw, and color. His wife, Catherine, was very …show more content…
The Songs of Innocents is a collection of nineteen poems. In this poem, The Divine Image, Mercy, Pity, Peace, and Love are named as the four “virtues of delight.” William Blake, the speaker of this poem, says that in times of distress and dismay all people pray to these “virtues.” They represent “God, our father dear.” These four traits are traits that God himself gave to people. Mercy is found in most human hearts, Pity is shown in the human face; Peace covers humans throughout their life, and we show Love through our human body. With Mercy, Pity, Peace, and Love we are “the human form divine,” which every person should respect no matter what their views, morals, or religious orientation. This poem consists of a five ballad stanzas. Each line has between four and three beats. The beat alternates between the lines, and the rhyme is ABCB. This poem is one of William Blake’s more simple ones. This poem is simple and

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