Will The Green Revolution Cause The Malaysian? Essay

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Will the Green Revolution cause the Malaysian to see red? Many world financial organizations seem to think so. The Malaysian nation has for the first time found a solution to its agricultural needs through the Green Revolution, but it is slowly coming to light that there are externalities associated with its success. The struggling underclass that traditionally supported the local economies appears to be collapsing, and concern is growing among officials of the World Bank.
The Green Revolution is a productivity mechanism of global agriculture which increases as a result of new technological advances. Technologies and improvements to agricultural practices, such as, advanced chemical fertilizers, synthetic herbicides, pesticides, and the mechanical infrastructural improvements that support them. These improvements made it possible to produce and substantially multiply output of food crops with increased nutrients and yield. Much of the costs and risk that farmers had to bear in the past were reduced or eliminated by these advancements (Cunningham, 2015).
For example, in Malaysia, a dam was built; the Muda Irrigation Project, upstream from a local Sik district, which is a major water supply for agriculture for both Penang and Kedah province. It is located along a flood plain which floods between May and November each year. Since installation of the dam, the flooding has been substantially reduced around the confluence of the province. With the help of the World Bank, the…

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