Essay on Wilderness Of Wilderness Has On The Process Of Stability

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The idea of wilderness has been severely redefined throughout history. It has transformed from a genuine piece of nature that was not thought of to be sacred, to a museum-like section of land that needs to constantly stress the importance of conservation and protection. It is not a casual place anymore, but rather something that is not necessarily guaranteed and cannot be taken for granted. However, throughout all of the change, there is one aspect of wilderness that has remained intact. Wilderness serves as a place for people to escape; It is a getaway that allows humans to avoid reality and all the troubles that come with it. It is a setting for people to gain stability. In the analyzed image, it features children playing in the beach during their summer vacation after Hurricane Sandy has passed. It portrays the children looking content and peaceful. After looking at the photograph, it becomes apparent that the image is actually representing the effects wilderness has on the process of stability. Wilderness is a key contribution to one remaining stable after a detrimental event. The image presents a sepia colored snapshot of Long Beach in New York. It captures children scattered amongst the beach enjoying their summer vacation post-Hurricane Sandy. The long shot at an eye-level angle provides a good depiction of the scene. Straightaway, the girl on the chair grabs the attention of the audience, as she is standing in the center of the image at the highest point. She is…

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