Essay Wikipedi A Source Of Information For Many Individual

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Is Wikipedia a mass medium Wikipedia has become a major source of information for many individual. While there are mixed opinions about the credibility of Wikipedia as a source of reliable information, people do see the value in Wikipedia. Wikipedia has become a source of information for many individual at different capacities. In one example, Thelwall and Kayvan (2015) tell us that both academics and students make use of Wikipedia. While Wikipedia is used “extensively” by higher educators and researchers, it is not “universally” used by all (Thelwall and Kayvan, 2015). Nevertheless, Mesgari (2015) points out that the information in Wikipedia can be very broad and has made it difficult for researchers and other scholar entities to find relevant research. While it is relevant to many people, there are some issues in consuming information from Wikipedia. Moreover, Wikipedia is a place that individuals look for a range of different information. Much of the information that individual look for is not necessarily information that needs to be academically justified or sourced (Thelwall and Kayvan, 2015). Thelwall and Kayvan (2015) tell us that in a research between 2006 and 2007, the most visited pages on Wikipedia had information on entertainment, politics and history, and geography. Here there is an assumption that there is less scholarly article citation used within the entertainment articles as compared to more scientifically based articles. Thus we need to see the…

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