Wikileaks : An Organization That Allows Whistleblowers Essay

1682 Words Dec 2nd, 2016 7 Pages
Wikileaks, an organization that allows whistleblowers to publish “…suppressed documents of diplomatic, ethical, historical or moral significance that reveal illegal or immoral behavior,” (Wikileaks); is being silenced by the media from exposing the Democratic Presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton. The media is helping cover up the truth because of special interests. Wikileaks has released the deleted Hillary emails, DNC emails, and John Podesta (Hillary’s Chairman of the her presidential campaign) emails, showing the true inner-workings of the Clinton Campaign. The widely accepted theory that Wikileaks works for Russian government is just a conspiracy. The death of a DNC staffer by the name of Seth Rich, raises suspicion, but no proof of a sinister act of democide. The media is afraid if the Wikileaks articles to become public. NBC, ABC, and CNN have known to be biased towards the left, but with every one of these broadcasting stations, either a producer, reporter, or president of the station has been married to somebody directly tied to the government (Evon). The left-wing news networks rarely talk about Wikileaks, and if they do, it is skewed information from the data dumps, or misinforming their viewers that the data is false; even though all the information on Wikileaks is a “primary source” (Drezner). Chris Cuomo of CNN tries to stop people from viewing Wikileaks by falsely stating on live television “... it is illegal to possess the stolen documents [Wikileaks…

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