Analysis Of Hillary Clinton's Deception In America

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She switched her stance when the American people did according to the statistics on Gallup. In 2013, sixty-six percent of the American population was in favor of gay marriage (McCarthy). Relatively, this is a parallel example of Hillary’s deception she has consistently shown in her campaign and her entire political career. America deserves a president that has steady views and does not switch when the majority calls for it or when it benefits her campaign economically. According to an article by Garrett Griffin, Hillary has been endorsed by the Human Rights Campaign, the most prominent LGBTQ civil rights organization in the United States (Griffin). What this endorsement appears to be is simply political gain for Hillary and her campaign. …show more content…
The official Hillary Clinton website claims she did not want to carry around two devices, one for work and one for personal use. Secretary Clinton would not have been responsible for keeping track of both devices, as that is the job of her aides (Kessler).
Hillary has also claimed that even though she used an email not connected to the State department, most of her emails were recorded in the system because she sent a majority of them to members of the State department who had the “” address. This was proven false because the system depended on individuals to manually record their emails up until February of 2015, she was in office as Secretary of State between 2009 and 2013, and the State Department individuals would not have known that Secretary Clinton did not keep record of her emails, sent or received. She also did not acknowledge the fact that she emailed officials not part of the State Department who would have no log of her messages in the department. This would seem troublesome when the State Department asked for the former Secretary of State for all of her emails, but she graciously gives up 55,00 emails, not including the ones she deemed as personal that were deleted earlier. Hillary submitted these boasting that she was the first of all of the Secretary’s to publish this much evidence. In these 55,000 emails, some of the information was marked as “special access program” which is even higher than top secret. Though Hillary deleted her “personal” emails, some of them have since resurfaced which are going into the investigation

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