Essay on Why Wrestling Should Stay At The Olympics?

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Why wrestling should stay in the Olympics?

Since the 2020 Olympics were coming up the Olympic committee wanted to take the sport of wrestling to be removed from the Olympics but if you think about it what was the sport that began the Olympics and was one of the first sports. Wrestling has been around since the first Olympic games and has always been around. Then only Olympics wrestling has not been in was 1900. In the Olympics there are 180 countries who participate and most of them have at least one medal and have at least one gold. Why would you take wrestling out of the Olympics? what has it done wrong? It does not make any clear sense.

Some people in the world say that they don’t let their kids participate in wrestling and also should be removed from the Olympics because it causes violence. “It is the cause of violence among children.”said ("Should wrestling be dropped from the Olympics?"). If wrestling causes violence there would be way more injuries than there is. When people wrestle their objective is not to hurt people it is to have fun and try to win. No one in the sport of wrestling intends to hurt anybody it is intended to have fun. If it causes violence then why do you never hear of wrestling fights. In the sport of wrestling they have great sportsmanship and do not fight.

Another reason that people say wrestling should be removed is because when wrestling is on tv they say that it is boring to watch. When you are watching wrestling you get to…

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