Why World War Ii Was a Watershed Event Essays

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Valeria Zarubina
May 28, 2013
World History
World War II as a Watershed Event
After World War II ended in 1945, it was considered to be a watershed event because of its major impacts on history. After the end of World War II, the United States had a lot of great changes that occurred. An example of such a change was that women were given more rights. Secondly, due to the fact that the nuclear weapon was created during World War II, people lived in constant fear that a bomb would be released on where they lived or other tragic events. And finally there occurred lots of geopolitical changes. Some countries of Europe continued to live under a regime of a free democracy. But in others, the power came to the communists that were under
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As a result of this conference, part of Germany was given to France and part to Poland. The territories of Czechoslovakia, Hungary and other countries of eastern Europe were also changing. Furthermore after the conference took place , Berlin was divided into 4 sections of occupation between Great Britain, USA, the Soviet Union and France. Furthermore in 1949, the German Democratic Republic was formed . The communist party ruled there under the control of the USSR. This was Eastern Germany and part of Berlin. In August 1961, the Berlin wall was built to divide the east and west of Berlin. People living on either side of the wall were not allowed to cross to the other side without being killed or returned to their side of the wall. This wall existed till 1990. At this time, the parts of Germany were reunited again.
In conclusion, World War II was known as a watershed event because of all the changes it brought upon the world. World War II gave women rights and allowed them to become more equal to men. Moreover during World War II, the nuclear bomb was created. It was a weapon of destruction leaving people in constant fear of their homes being destroyed and their lives at stake. Finally during World War II lots of geopolitical changes occurred. Different countries were at peace and others recovering from the great war. So World War II was known as a watershed

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