Why Was Ceasar So Sad? Essay

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Why was Ceasar so SAD? The day was finally here June 15, 2015 known as the big day! His birthday June 18. Graduation day! The look on his face no one could explain. Even with his family there he seemed to still feel emptiness. Why was he acting like this on such a special day? What was wrong? The thought of his father not being in the picture, wishing his father was there. No one understood his pain. There were seniors everywhere happy to graduate. For Ceasar graduation was the worse day of his life. To look into the audience and see that only his mom and his sister were there to comfort him. Remembering how he almost dropped out of school in March and the whole month of April. Dropping out was his only way out. How would my father feel? He knew he had to push himself and do the right thing.
On February 2015 his AAU team “Melo team” (Carmelo Anthony’s AAU team) located in Baltimore, Maryland travelled to Las Vegas “Las Vegas Classics” This event is held every year by NBA players to inspire Youth. His mom received the news that Ceasar’s father was in the hospital. In addition, Ceasar came from Las Vegas and his mother met him at the airport, therefore, they were driving home she gave him the news. They quickly reached the hospital and his father had the last conversation with him. He advised Ceasar not to leave his studies to look after his mom and sister and to keep playing ball and have hope. In the hospital room, nurses were running, Ceasar cried. Oh…

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