Why Violence Has Become More Prominent? Essay

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Are we today more violent than in previous years? Many believe this to be true, while others are hypothesizing about the cause of this supposed uptick in violence. Some people have associated this clime in violence to the popular violent movies. Could these movies be the cause of the violent behavior? This may be so, but it could also be attributed to a few other things as well. Is this an incorrectly identified scapegoat for why violence has become more prominent? Are we actually more violent today than in previous years? The hype surrounding this correlation has is lacking a few key pieces. The statistics, comments and previous violent outburst speak to the contrary.
The statistics of violent crime fluctuate over the past 20 years. While there have been years where violence has escalated, it has been in a downward trend since 1991. According to Erin Fuchs a writer for Business Insider she feels that the overall data supports the claim that violence has plummeted not risen. Fuchs explains that “Last year, the number of murders in America was at its lowest in four decades- having dropped 44% since its peak in 1991.” Fuchs, Erin “It’s Incredible How Much Safer America Has Become In The Past 20 Years” Business Insider 4 July 2013, Web. 23 July 2015. Her assertion is that statistics show a decline in violence not an increase. There is more information to back this thought. The FBI Uniform Crime Reporting Program the crime rate has fallen 3.8% since 2010.
This leads to the…

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